Cloud Bookkeeping

What is Cloud Bookkeeping?

With Cloud Bookkeeping and Accounting functions are performed, processed and stored online, not on a computer. Cloud accounting software organizes the data (including payroll, invoices, banking) into one central accounting system in the cloud. The software also updates financial information automatically. Therefore, account balances are always up-to-date and accessible. Users securely manage their books remotely with their devices. 

Why Would a Business Want Virtual (Cloud-Based) Bookkeeping?

Virtual Accounting is flexible with many benefits. Financial data can be accessed from any location, on any device, at any time with an Internet connection. As a result, business is freed from installing and maintaining computer software. Similarly, the business does not have to provide office space, purchase furniture, equipment, or take on payroll.

Is Cloud Bookkeeping Safe?

Yes. Your transactions are protected with multiple layers of security. You can bank with confidence. Accounting in the cloud has the same security encryption as your bank account.

Dove Cloud Bookkeeping Services – for Business Owners Across Canada

Bank and Credit Card Entry, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Audits, Bank Reconciliations, GST/HST, WSIB and Payroll Remittances, Customized Invoice Design, Software and Setup, Client Support, Flat Monthly Rates…